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Ronemak, fabricante de máquinas serra fita e afins

The Ronemak® began in the mid 1950 just when Brazil was consolidated in the industrial area, being the first to manufacture bandsaws machines in Brazil. In 1999, intending to expand yours installations, the company moved to Boituva (SP), city strategically located inland, close to major highways and industrial centers.

Since then it has been growing and investing in technology is improving constantly, not to be the biggest, but the best.

It produces high quality machines and adaptation to Brazilian specifications NR-12 security, offering the most cost-effective, providing machines more ergonomic, safe and easy to use.

With national products, has an extensive line of machines, including horizontal and vertical bandsaws (mechanical, hydraulic or automatic), slotting machines and pipes cutter, and develop special projects according to customer needs.

Ensures technical assistance throughout the national territory, with a team of qualified and trained professionals, which makes customer service easier, quick and efficient.



Offer the best solution in material cuts to our customers within the quality and safety standards, being present in the sale and after-sales.


To be a reference in the segment of material cuts, investing in technology to ensure the best products and services.


- Customer satisfaction;
- Appreciation of the human being;
- Safety;
- Quality.

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